All my registries are free to join, they costs you nothing.

You must have some type of supporting documentation that the car you want to register is what you say it is. This supporting documentation can be a buildsheet, a warranty card Protect-O-Plate, dealer order form, window sticker...any form of paperwork that shows the car's VIN and either correct engine option code or regular production option code. Naturally the Acadian/Beaumont Registry is exempt from this since the VIN will identify the vehicle as an Acadian/Beaumont body style.

No personal owner data are ever divulged or published unless the owner specifically wishes to have it published in one of the registries. Your data is kept on file and if someone wishes to contact you, I will forward any email to you. It is then up to you if you wish to respond to them.

* El Camino Registry - Any 1959/69 and 1964 through 1987 El Camino/GMC Sprint/Caballero
* Laguna Type S-3 Registry - 1974 through 1976 Laguna Type S-3 Chevelles
* L78 Registry ~ Any 1966 to 1970 documented L78 Chevelle
* L79 Registry ~ Any 1965 to 1969 documented L79 Chevelle, Nova, Acadian, Corvette
* LS3 Registry ~ Any 1970 to 1972 documented LS3 Chevelle (except 1971-1972 402 w/SS option)
* LS5 Registry ~ Any 1970 to 1972 documented LS5 Chevelle or Monte Carlo
* LS6 Registry ~ Any 1970 documented LS6 Chevelle
* Super Sport Registry ~ Any 1964/1965 Malibu SS, Canadian 1966/1967 Malibu SS, or 1971-1972 SS optioned Chevelle with either 350 engine.
* SS396 Registry ~ Any 1966 to 1970 SS396 or SS optioned Chevelle with a 396 engine
* YF3 Heavy Chevy Registry ~ Any documented 1971 or 1972 Chevelle with YF3 option